A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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Jewellery Customisation

We specialize in supplying gemstones for bespoke gemstone jewellery.

Everyone has a story to tell, you hear different words, different vocabulary. After serving thousands of clients over the last 32 years from my parents time, we have learnt how to express precious emotions with gemstones.

The entire creation process merges passion for gemstones with art and science. Each creation involves great care and conscientious efforts from selection of gems, designing the jewellery, to crafting out the finest piece. As we have a large collection of gemstones, you can customize jewellery from alexandrites, opals, fancy colour diamonds, pigeon's blood rubies, royal blue sapphires to name a few.





The King's Bespoke - Customised jewellery

The King’s Bespoke (TK Bespoke) is one of the brands in The Gem Capital Pte Ltd, specialises in bespoke gemstone jewellery, especially in engagement and wedding rings. 

A brand build upon a rich 40-year heritage. It combines gemmological expertise with global sourcing experience in exquisite gemstones to create fine bespoke jewellery.


The 4C's Jewellery Customisation process is simple.

1. Choose from a wide selection of gems.

2. Consult and discuss with our in-house designer.

3. Confirm your final design option.

4. Create your dream jewellery pieces.


We have accredited gemologists and jewellery designers and experienced craftsmen to make your customised gemstone engagement ring process smooth and simple.

Visit our portfolio of customised jewellery pieces: