A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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The Alexandrite is a phenomena gem. It displays the phenomena called colour change. Most of the time under day light it is green in colour. When placed under incandescent light (candle light) it changes to a reddish, purplish, brownish colour. This is due to the reaction of light with the chromium in the gem. At different times of the day, you will see a slightly different shade of green / reddish / purplish / brown.
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The alexandrites in our stock are from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa just to name a few origins.
  • Birthstones of the month: June
  • Moh's scale of hardness: 8.5/10 on the Moh's scale of hardness (harder than stainless steel which is 6.5/10),
  • Jewellry making: Very durable and suitable for rings and other jewellery. 
  • Origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania, Russia, etc.
  • Gemstone family: Chrysoberyl

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