Wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
Wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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About Us

Far East Gems & Jewellery (FEGJ) is a supplier of a wide range of quality natural gems, since 1991. FEGJ is dedicated to create positive, memorable and enriching experience for all clients. We have a long history of serving people who are looking for premium gemstones. As a result, FEGJ became known as a trusted provider of gemstones, engagement rings and wedding bands in Singapore.


Today, FEGJ’s team travels widely to various parts of Asia-Pacific, such as Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, China and Hong Kong to source for natural gemstones and to participate in trade fairs.


FEGJ is managed by Mr. Tay Kunming. He is the managing director of Far East Gem Group which comprises of: Far East Gems & Jewellery (FEGJ), Far East Gem Import and Far East Gem Institute. Kunming holds a Diploma in Gemmology (Gemology) from the Gemological Association of Great Britain and a certified Diamond Grader from HRDAntwerp Institute of Gemmology (Gemology). 


Tay Kunming natural gemstone dealer singapore


 Mr. Tay Kunming - Director of Far East Gem Group


Kunming’s expertise combined with his passionate dedication to raise the level of knowledge and service in the Singapore gemstones and jewellery industry has translated to greater peace of mind for gem buyers. As such, he has established himself as a trusted jeweller and gem merchant in the global scene. His industry peers also regard him as a trustworthy and reliable partner. 

Currently, Kunming is a committee member in the Diamond Exchange of Singapore and also the assistant honorary secretary on the Jewellers’ Association of Singapore, actively championing initiatives and efforts to raise the profile of the industry in Singapore and abroad.

In 2015, Kunming’s passion for gemstones also led him to support the opening of The Gem Museum - Singapore’s first and most comprehensive private museum for gems and minerals - for the purpose of educating the public, to expand the appreciation for unique and beautiful gemstones.

Today, in partnership with The Gem Museum, FEGJ showcases a wide variety of gemstones from all over the world, including rubies from Myanmar and sapphires from Kashmir. FEGJ envisions to provide the most memorable experience for our clients through a positive, educational approach to appreciating gems.


Our Mission

1. To connect, care for and meet the needs of our customers and employees;
2. To collaborate with our partners and enhance our customers' experience;
3. To master the knowledge of gemstones and latest developments in our trade;
4. To leave a lasting impression with our customers.

Our Vision

To be a trusted international jeweller / gem merchant,
partnering with you to select quality gemstones.


Our Services

1. Supply gemstones / diamond / jade and other natural gemstones.
2. Create custom design jewellery in platinum and gold.
3. Refurbish existing jewellery by polishing, replating or replacing the center gemstone.
4. Repair jewellery, resizing of rings, replacement of meelee diamonds, etc.
5. Redesign heirloom jewellery pieces.
6. Jewellery consultation in regards to wedding and wealth planning. 


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