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14.47ct Star Ruby, Ceylon, Round

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  • Star Ruby
  • Product Code: R 0035
  • Carat: 14.47ct
  • Colour: Red
  • Cut: Round Cabochon
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Treatment: Unheated (none)
  • Size approximately : 11.75 x 11.20 x 10.78 mm

I bought this star ruby with my son sitting on my lap a couple of years ago. Many people like this star ruby for it's colour, sharp star and the clarity. Most star rubies you find would have alot of inclusions as to form a star, you need to have many fine needle inclusions in the stone to refract the light. 

Most rubies you find from Sri Lanka are more towards the pink colour. This star ruby in daylight looks red exhibiting a sharp star. 

I remembered, many years back I used to own a 4.59ct star ruby from Sri Lanka. It was a similar quality to this star ruby. The reason I bought this is I have never seen a 14.47ct Sri Lankan Star Ruby with this quality. 

It's a beautiful stone. - Tay Kunming

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