A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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Peridot is a beautiful lime green gemstone. Peridot is also a birthstone of the month of August. It is also the gemstone given when celebrating your 16th year of marriage! 

Popular origins of the peridot is Myanmar and Pakistan. Ancient papyri record the mining of these stones as early as 1500 BC. 

1 of the benefits of peridot is it's largely under valued, even though there are less peridot mining sources than other green stones like tourmaline and emeralds. 

  • Birthstones of the month: August
  • Moh's scale of hardness: 6.5-7/10 on the Moh's scale of hardness (harder than stainless steel which is 6.5/10),
  • Jewellry making: durable and suitable for rings and other jewellery. 
  • Origin: China, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar etc.
  • Gemstone family: Peridot