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Epicure, February 2017


City News Weekly, December 2016


WOW Jewellery, November 2016

"THE GEMSTONE EDUCATORS" featuring Loke Hui Ying & Tay Kunming

and Chameleon Diamond feature

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Far East Gems & Jewellery at the Singapore Jewellery and Gem Fair 2016 


Singapore Tatler Jewels & Time, August 2016


"According to Tay Kunming, director of Far East Gems & Jewellery and a local diamond specialist, a chameleon (sic) diamond was first discovered at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in the early 1950s."
"According to Far East Gems & Jewellery's Tay, the amount of pink diamonds larger than half a carat mined annually from the Argyle Diamond Mine is so miniscule that they could all fit onto one palm."

Her World, September 2010

"Far East Gems & Jewellery Repair. Here's where to go if say, your home air-conditioner exploded and damaged your gem-encrusted gold necklaces and rings. What are the odds - but it happened to a customer here. The blackened pieces were buffed and re-plated. The store also found a coloured gemstone close to that of the original, ruined piece."
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