A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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Blue Spinel 1.45ct Burma

Blue Spinel 1.45ct Burma

 1.45 Carat Blue Spinel 



Introducing an exquisite 1.45 carat octagon-shaped faceted blue spinel, perfect for collectors and jewelry enthusiasts. This stunning gemstone, with dimensions of 8.32 mm x 5.09 mm x 3.80 mm, boasts a transparent step-cut style, allowing it to shine brilliantly under any light. The spinel's rich blue hue and natural origins make it a rare and desirable addition to any collection.


Gemstone Details:

- Weight: 1.45 carats

- Shape: Octagon

- Cutting Style: Step

- Transparency: Transparent

- Color: Blue

- Identification: Natural Spinel

- Comments: This spinel is natural with no evidence of heat treatment.


Certificate Details:

- Report Number: 2024062404

- Date: 24 June 2024

- Laboratory: Far East Gemological Laboratory

- Gemologist:Tay Thye Sun, G.G.(GIA), F.G.A., B.Sc. (Hon), M.Sc. (Imperial College), Licence Appraiser (IRAS), Master Valuer (U.S.A.), Consultant Gemologist


**Instruments Used:**

- Binocular Microscope x 30 (American Optic)

- Refractometer

- Prism Spectroscope

- Leveridge Gauge

- 10x Loupe

- Fibre-optic Light

- Electronic Weighing Scale (Mettler H800C)

- Infrared Spectrometer (JASCO)


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Enhance your jewelry collection with this certified blue spinel, a gemstone that combines beauty, rarity, and value. Shop now and experience the allure of natural spinel gemstone.

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