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A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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Amethyst - so common yet so rare


Amethyst is a purple gemstone. It is from the family of Quartz, Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).
There is many folklore surrounding this gem. From protecting the wearer from getting drunk, to inviting wealth to a person. 
As I am setting up my new shop, I really hesitate putting amethyst geodes up on display, as many people associate it with fengshui as with many "crystal shops". Bringing good luck and wealth.
I decide to write this blog about amethyst because it is a relatively inexpensive gem to own.
 Here are 3 reasons for you to own an amethyst gem / geode / rough material.
1. They look subtlely different when they are from different sources.
Mexican Amethyst
Mexican Amethyst
Mexican Amethyst
Mexican amethyst crystals tend to have colour at the edge of the crystal
Uruguay amethyst geodes tend to be rounded as compared to the Brazilian which tend to tower up. 
2. You can appreciate an amethyst when it has inclusions, unlike other gems where you want to get something as clean as possible.
3. Most upmarket jewellery brands carry amethyst jewellery
Visit The Gem Museum Singapore or Far East Gems & Jewellery - Amethyst

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