A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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Sapphire Engagement Rings / Wedding ring

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Sapphire engagement ring in 18k rose gold

Here's the side profile of the wedding ring / engagement ring we made, as the sapphire is 3.55ct with a deep pavilion, we had to make the claws in this way to make sure it was secure. Gemstones like sapphires tend to have deeper pavilions than diamonds. This is because the refractive index for sapphires are lower than diamonds, thus sapphires (gemstones) need a deeper pavilion to reflect the light back out of the stone. 

Sapphire proposal ring in 18k rose gold

Here's the top view of the ring. Gemstones actually look really good even when they are made into solitaire rings. Simple, clean design with good workmanship and a beautiful sapphire makes the wedding ring look priceless and beautiful.

At Far East Gems & Jewellery, we hand pick our gemstones. We make sure that every gem is beautiful, valuable and at the same time a unique character. 

For this particular 3.55ct blue sapphire, the colour is vivid, at the same time if you look at it at a different angle, you'll see that the sapphire has 2 tones of blue. The depth of the sapphire gives it a very enchanting glow when you look deep into it. Just like lovers looking into each other's eyes and beholding each other's beauty.

We set it in rose gold as our client felt he want the ring to have a kind of modern feel. It turned out very well!

 1.29ct blue sapphire in our eternal love collection "embrace" design

 This 1.29ct octagon sapphire was a gem which I found in 1 of my gem hunts. Sapphire is normally cut in oval or cushion shape, very seldom in octagon cut. This particular piece was cut into a square octagon cut which was easy to set in a ring. The sapphire was eye clean and had a very attractive colour. Our client was very happy with this sapphire engagement ring / wedding ring.

1.59ct royal blue sapphire in our modified Eternal love collection embrace design

Here's a 1.59ct Vivid blue sapphire (there is some purple colour in this photo due angle in which it was taken) It's set in a modified Embrace design (part of our Eternal love collection). It was used as a anniversary ring but it also looks good as an engagement ring / wedding ring.

1.99ct Green Sapphire set in 18k rose gold sapphire proposal ring

Sapphires also come in green colour! Here is a 1.99ct green sapphire set in an 18k rose gold engagement ring / wedding ring.

1.99ct green sapphire set in 18k rose gold sapphire proposal ring

Side profile of the 1.99ct green sapphire 18k rose gold wedding ring. 

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