A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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1ct up diamond gift ideas!

1ct diamond gift ideas christmas present

Over breakfast, you accidently took the piece of cake that your wife selected. She got annoyed and you felt the full brunt of her irritation.

"Why are you always like that! I have already wanted to take the smallest piece and you took it, what's wrong with you?"

In your heart you felt the bewilderment and frustration, "Not again" you said to yourself while the frustration overcomes you. Thankfully, you were able to hold your cool, finished your breakfast and walk away. 

Rather than focusing on that issue, why not overcome frustration with good? There's a saying, it's more blessed to give than to recieve, so here are some diamond ideas!


1. 1.06ct Fancy Yellow diamond for a pendant. 

Pair it with 2 more smaller heart shape diamonds to create a really sweet Christmas present!

1 carat fancy yellow diamond

2. 1 carat G VS2 Heart Shaped Diamond.

1ct G color diamond

3. 1.51ct F SI2 heart shape diamond.

1.5ct F SI2 heart shape diamond

4. 1.29ct H VVS2 pear shape diamond.

1carat Pear Shape diamond

5. Centre is a 1.5ct D SI1 oval shaped diamond flanked by 2 0.70ct/0.71ct fancy yellow diamonds. 

 1.5ct D SI1 oval shape diamond with a pair of 0.7ct Fancy Yellow Oval Diamonds



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