A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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3 Unique & Rare Precious Gems

In this generation where YOLO is the motto to live by, people are not satisfied with a mundane life and just blending into the crowd. While keeping updated with trends, we want to maintain our individual uniqueness by the choices we make. Especially in the world of gemstones, more buyers are searching for unique and rare gems to wear, collect and invest.  Here, we'll like to show you 3 unique and rare precious gems that are increasingly sought-after.  They are: Paraiba Tourmaline, Alexandrite and Color change Sapphire.

1. Paraiba Tourmaline

Photo source: gemologist.ph
Paraiba Tourmaline is a type of unique and brightly colored variety of tourmaline found by Brazilian miners in 1989 in the state of Paraiba. They come in unusually vivid blue and green colors. Tourmaline can come in any color but only Paraiba Tourmaline has an unbeatable vivid glow that distinguishes it from others, also know as cuprian elbaite.
They are stunningly beautiful, precious, sought-after and very rare. For every 10,000 diamonds, only 1 Pariba tourmaline is mined. This is one rare beauty gem that will make you shine above the rest.

2. Alexandrite
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Photo sources: (Top: tkbespoke.com Bottom: Far East Gems & Jewellery)
Alexandrite is one of the rarest of all colored gemstones. It is described as 'emerald by day, ruby by night' due to its unique color change effect from green to red, under daylight vs. incandescent light. It belongs to the chrysoberyl family along with chrysoberyl cat's eye. Alexandrites Alexandrites are mined in Russia, East Africa, Brazil and Sri Lanka. However, the mines in the Ural region of Russia no longer produce large amounts of gem quality alexandrite. Currently the supply of alexandrite is low and fine color materials are extremely rare. This is a perfect gem that will go well with different color outfits from day to night and certainly one that can appreciate in value through time.

3. Color Change Sapphire

Photo credit: tkbespoke.com & Gemselect
Color change sapphire exhibits the unique ability to change color when viewed under different light sources. Color change sapphires come from a variety of locations including Ceylon (as Sri Lanka is known in the gem world), Madagascar, Tanzania and Thailand. The most common color change sapphire changes from blue under daylight to violet-purple under incandescent light. It is an exceptionally rare, fancy variety of corundum. The color change effects can also appear in other range of sapphire colors such as green, yellow and pink. The strength of the stone’s color change is the most important quality factor affecting its value, followed in importance by the actual colors of the stone. The most rare and valuable color change sapphires are those that can exhibit very obvious and strong color change effects. This gem is getting increasingly popular as a choice for engagement ring gemstone.

So among the three, which is your top favorite gem?


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