A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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So which piece of jewellery I think is a good buy for you?

1. 18k Emerald and Ruby Ring.

I remembered I re-designed a ruby necklace for you and I don't remember seeing any emeralds. Here is a design we designed, combining a beautiful ruby and an emerald together coupled with some high quality diamonds. The emerald is part of the collection handled to me by my parents. It has a beautiful vivid green colour but the heart shape was a little off, so I sent it to Israel to have it re-shaped and re-polished. Turned out better than expected. The other ruby was a kite shape, a unique cut also part of the collection my parents passed down to me. 

So we decided to create a unique piece of art together with our craftsman, we chose yellow gold claws (emerald), rose gold claws (ruby) to bring out the colour of the gemstones and add a hint of diamonds to give it that sparkle. If you noticed, we added some mill-grain detail at the 2 sides of the diamonds. Just to add some detail la, to differentiate it as a handmade piece of jewellery, oh yes, made in Singapore too.

A piece which combines history and future, a younger generation taking up what our forefathers left for us and turning them into a timeless jewel. 

  • Material: 18K White, Yellow, Rose, Gold Ring
  • 1pc Ruby 1.02ct, from Thailand
  • 1pc Emerald, approx 1.02ct, from Zambia
  • 16 pcs Diamond - total 0.18 ct 
  • Hong Kong Ring Size 15

Retail price is  $9230. 

2. Ruby Ring 2.19ct 18k white gold with Diamonds

This ruby ring was made out of chance!

I had bought the ruby from Bangkok when I was sitting in my friend's office. He is a big ruby and sapphire dealer and I told him, I was looking for a ruby that is value for money. He pulled out this 2.19ct ruby which had a deep red colour, good size, slightly bigger face than usual and with normal heat treatment. 

When I got back to Singapore, I was thinking, how can I make something that looks more expensive than it cost? I went to see one of my friend who make pre-set jewellery casings, with diamonds and gold. 

To cut the story short, I found a casing that matches exactly this ruby and it fit perfectly! 

  • Material: 18K White Gold, 43 pcs Diamond - 0.75ct
  • 1 pc Ruby
    • Carat: 2.19ct
    • Colour: deep red
    • Clarity: Included
    • Cut: Oval
    • Treatment: Heated
    • Origin: Madagascar
  • Ring Size: Hong Kong 12.5
  • Product Code: RUB R0009

Retail price is $7890.

3. The Pink Diamond Marquise Ring

This is a 18k rose gold ring set with a 0.11ct pink diamond combined with a total of 0.14ct of marquise and round diamonds. I bought parcel of brown diamonds around 5carats as I saw this 0.11ct pink diamond among the whole of diamonds. 

I was so excited, I decided to pass this diamond to our designer to create a special ring. oh yes it is special indeed, using 0.03ct marquises which I made a special order as there is not much of these sizes in the market. We created the pink marquise diamond. 

I suggested it to you for your daughters. :) 

Retail price is $6990.

4. Round Pink Diamond Ring, 0.07ct

Here's a another pink diamond ring that would be interesting for your daughters.

0.07ct round brownish purplish pink diamond is set on an 18K rose gold dainty ring. This ring is suitable to stack on top of other rings! We surrounded the center pink diamond with more pink diamonds just to enhance that pop of colour.

We surrounded the 0.07ct round brownish purplish pink diamond with melee pink diamonds to increase the size substantially to look like a 0.30ct diamond.

  • CDIA R0031
  • 1piece 0.07ct Natural Round Fancy brownish purplish pink diamond with GIA cert
  • 12pieces 0.03ct total Natural Round Pink diamonds
  • 28pieces 0.19ct total Natural Round White diamonds

Retail price is $3600.

5. Black Diamond Ring, 18k Black Gold 2.55ct Natural Black Diamond with GIA cert

Here is a party stopper. Black diamond that is natural is rare.

Rare in nature
(there was a research paper done by the Gemological Institute of America, showing that 92% of the black diamonds they have tested, they are from the diamond group called type 1aB, which is found in the depths of 250km in the earth crust. They are also one of the oldest diamonds known to man with up to 1.4billion years of age.).

Rare in jewellery stores
a. not enough beautiful natural black diamonds to make a collection. Most in the market are heated treated.
b. knowledge of black diamonds are niche, not something an average merchandiser will know of.

  • 18k White gold plated Black with 6 prongs.
  • 1piece 2.55ct natural black diamond with a GIA certificate

Retail price is $8500. 

6. Star Ruby Ring 7.48ct

This is a large burmese unheated start ruby at 7.48ct. This is 1 of the gemstones I have inherited from my parents. Star rubies are a product of man's partnership with nature. In these kind of rubies, there are needle like inclusions that are arranged in an orderly manner of 60 degrees interval. Then, with a skilled gem cutter properly orientates it and polishes it into a cabochon to create the star effects.

Retail price $13880.

7. Champagne Diamond ring 

Back in 2013-14 I bought 40carats of fancy coloured diamonds. They were all in round shape and of unique colours. I chose this 0.39ct round champage diamond and set it into a pre-designed ring casing. I liked this diamond especially due to the excellent cut. It sparkles enthusiastically and has a unique champagne colour. 

Champagne Diamond Ring
  • 18K White Gold Ring
  • Product Code: C.DIA R0024
  • 1 pc Champagne Diamond - 0.39ct
  • 92 Diamonds - 0.36ct
  • Hong Kong Ring Size 13.5

Retail price is : $3380. 

 8. Made in Israel Crosses

While visiting Israel in 2016 I saw many crosses at all the tourists destinations. But many were low quality and either silver, 9k or 14k gold. I know many of my clients like quality, so I visited a local Israeli jeweller that supplies these crosses to all these tourist destinations. I told them specifically what I wanted, quality diamonds and 18k gold. On top of that, I also added a special plate at the back of the crosses written "Israel". 


18K yellow gold cross pendant encapsulating brilliant white diamonds which have been set by hand, designed and manufactured in Israel. "ISRAEL" engraved at the back of the cross. The cross, a symbol of Jesus's Passion.

  • Gold weight: estimated 1.08g.
  • No. of diamonds: 21 pieces weighing 0.252ct.
  • Dimensions (including clasp): 24.5mm x 12.6mm 

Retail price is $1288.

9. Yellow Diamond Cross 0.22ct Fancy Deep Yellow

I got to know about Fancy Coloured Diamonds in 2008 through Israel Eliezri, a good friend of my father. He was the past International Colour Stone Association President and he deals with Fancy coloured diamonds. I started helping him out at the Hong Kong Show in 2008. That is where I understood the value, rarity, beauty of coloured diamonds. 

This cross was designed by 1 of my designers. It's solid 18k white gold, with a matte finish. The solid feel of the cross symbolize the solid foundation of the christian faith in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. A reminder that we can always count on Jesus and the hope is not an imagination of positive thing, but it is solid, based on the promises of God in the bible. 

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life."

Fancy Deep Orangy Yellow Diamond Cross Pendant with chain
  • 1 pc 0.22ct Fancy Deep Orangy Yellow Diamond 
  • C.DIA P0007
  • GIA 1146501163
  • 18K white Gold chain

Retail price is : $3300.

10. Heart Shape Jade Carving in 18k White Gold

  • 18K White Gold Heart shape Jade Pendant 
  • Product Code: JADE P0010
  • 1 pc Jade approximately 29.0 x 25.0 x 4.2 mm

Jade is a gemstone that grows with you. It is porous. Jade also oxidizes and its colour changes in time. It is a stone strongly embedded in Chinese culture. Jadeite jade was made popular by Emperor Qian Long . It is used to symbolize protection, good health and power. 

Geographically, 80% of this material is only found in Central Myanmar. The green colour comes from Chromium, it occurs as streaks in jadeite jade with some boulders having none or small specks of the green.

I chose this to share with you as

1. Untreated and natural.

2. It has a good size, with a beautiful streak of vivid green in the middle of the heart. Overall, the piece is also green in colour, unlike most jadeite in the market which is almost colourless with grey tint.

3. This piece of heart shape jade also has translucency, which gives you a feeling that the piece of jade is radiating beauty. 

Retail price is $2680.


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