A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
A wide range of quality gemstones for selection!
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Collecting gemstones

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I had a wonderful conversation with one of my regular clients who have been buying gemstones from me for the last 11 years. 

I asked her "Why do you spend so much money, time and effort buying them?"

She has a collection of a few hundred thousand dollars. 

"I just like it." she exclaimed. Let's call her Mary as she wants to be anonymous.

"What was your first gemstone that you bought?" 

"Oh, in the 1980s I bought a blue stone at the shopping mall, Forum Galleria for $200."

"Oh wait, I remember that about the same time I was in Thailand, I bought a Ruby ring for $2000, a sapphire ring for $800 and a sapphire earring for $500."

"At first thought, I asked myself, am I crazy!?" 

"Almost immediately I answered, but I like it!" 

Over the course of being in this trade for 11 years, I always wondered why people buy gemstones. After some thought and searching, I have come up with 4 reasons why people buy gemstones.

1. Relationship - For a marriage proposal, a gift, celebration of anniversary.

2. Spiritual - Belief in healing, power, and offering to the gods.

3. Beauty - Appreciate the beauty, rarity and value of gemstones.

4. Investment - Belief that it is a good investment.

For Mary, I think the reason why she buys gemstones is 3. Beauty, when asked if she thought it was a good investment. She said "No, I will not sell them, I enjoy owning them."

For me, it's for 

1. Relationship - to continue my family business. To continue to build up the relationships built by my family through my business. To build more good relationships with people through my business.

2. Spiritual - I believe gemstones are created by God. Power comes from him. I believe in Jesus. I believe that the source of power comes from Jesus. Gemstones show us physically how amazing, how beautiful and how intricate God's character is, it makes me want to know God more. 

3. Beauty - Most of us appreciate gemstones at the outward level, to appreciate its beauty. After founding the Gem Museum (https://thegemmuseum.gallery) with my wife, I began to realize that the beauty go beyond what we can see. The science, the human aspect, the craft, gemstones are truly beautiful!

4. Investment - My family have been a part of the gems and jewellery industry for the last 42 years. My father raised me up using the funds from the business. I am raising my children up with the returns from the business. Investing in gems required alot of knowledge, experience and friends. 

At the end of the day, gemstones continue to amaze, to create wonder and amazement. So why do you buy gemstones?

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